READ NAKED. Sauna, a typeface for all sizes.

BIRKVIG, Henrik.

80.00€ (Gastos de envío no incluidos)

Den Haag 2002.
Medidas y paginación:
18.4x20.5. 48pp.
Rústica con solapa cosida.
Impreso a cuatro tintas.
Incluye un cd. alojado en el interior de la cubierta posterior. This book is the first demonstration of Sauna. More than just a specimen, it is an intensive approach to the world of saunas. The typeface Sauna is presented in a rich content; giving pleasure not only to graphic-designers but also to everybody who's life is not connected to ligatures and smallcaps. The book was designed to withstand a sauna bath without any damage: it is restant to hot steam of 120 degrees Celsius. Even better, some parts of the book can only be read inside a sauna at 80 degrees Celsius or higher! So take this book, go to a sauna, and get the "live" experience while reading.