BRUGGISSER, Thomas y FRIES, Michel.

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Ruedi Widmer (German editing), Catherine Schelbert (English editing),
Zurich and Hertestein, 2003.
Medidas y paginación:
17x24. sin pag. (412 pp.)
Rústica con sobrecubierta.
Totalmente ilustrado.
En inglés. Incluye un "Poster Super Meeting" de Peter Tillessen con 24 fotografías in negro." Following their first publication, the acclaimed "Benzin, Young Swiss Graphic Design," Swiss editors and designers Michel Fries and Thomas Bruggisser have now approached 12 single-minded European designers with a very tempting offer: complete artistic freedom to create and design an entire chapter in "Super - Welcome to Graphic Wonerland," a welcome carte blanche to explore the weird and wonderful recesses of their own minds. United in this vision, the participants (e.g. Goldenmasters, Lis/Rev, Matthias Schweitzer, Reala) display surprising, hidden talents - even Norm reveal a decidedly playful side. From concept art (a pre-tourism embassy round-up by Abake), via an exquisitely illustrated list of alternative Top Tens (Reala) to photographs of a well-thumbed notebook (roughly edited by covering painfully intimate passages with hands), every project tells its own story. Featuring a sharp selection of intensely personal, peripheral, expansive and edgy projects between illustration and graphic design, Super's 336 pages race through styles, paper types and techniques like there's no tomorrow.